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The Best Printers for Offices

Things have changed a lot in the world of technology since printers were first developed. Back then, there wasn’t a great deal of choice amongst these hulking machines, and they were strictly for office use only. Zip forward a few decades and the invention of the personal

Discovery could boost Internet bandwidth

A new fiber optic technology could increase Internet bandwidth capacity by sending data along light beams that twist like a tornado rather than move in a straight line, scientists said Thursday.

Google Glass: Useful Tool or Gimmicky Gadget?

Google’s head-mounted wearable computer is making waves for both good and not-so good reasons. The invention which looks like some gadget from a spy movie is aptly called Google Glass. The name refers to the glass prism which feeds information into the user’s field of view. To

The Biggest Technology Fairs of 2013

Want to spend a couple of days in an edifying, electrifying way? Then make sure to make your way to some of the greatest technology exhibits of 2013. Offering demonstrations of an astronomical number of things, these UK events are bound to have you scratching your head

The Worst Computer Games of all Time

There are mercifully few video games that have really earned a reputation for being particularly bad. Most video games that don’t make the grade merely fall into obscurity and get forgotten about, but every now and again, a game will surface that is so horrendously, terribly awful

Which Video Games Should Hollywood Look At?

In theory, video games should be a goldmine for movie makers. They’ve got a story, a setting, visuals and characters served up on a plate. Many video games are effectively movies – we get drawn into them, get to know the characters, want to see what happens

A Look at Google’s New Music Streaming Service

On May 15, during its 6th annual web developers conference in San Francisco – Google I/O – Google announced a launch of a new music streaming service, All Access. As the next step from the Google music store that started in November 2011, this subscription-based service gives

The Best Game Releases of 2013 So Far

2013 is shaping up to be a great year for gaming. Many highly rated video games have already been released, and lots more are on the horizon. Here (in no particular order) are some of the highlights of the year so far.